Our Translation Agency

Lingua (Latin) means “language” and Most (Russian) means “bridge”. In 2011, the translator Olena Vasilatos brought these two words together and founded the translation agency Linguamost, which initially specialized in translations from Greek to Russian and vice versa. In 2015, persistence, a methodical approach, reliability and rapid development gave birth to Linguamost Private Company, a translation company staffed by a professional and experienced team of translators and interpreters. Since then, we have been providing translation services for various language combinations.


Why large companies choose our translation agency

 It is no coincidence that we provide our services to many major companies in Greece. They trust us because we simply offer them what they ask for. That is, Quality & Reliability – Personalized Services – Speed – Competitive Pricing – Personal Data Protection.


Quality & Reliability of translations

We have established a strict quality assurance system with a hierarchical structure, a specialized team consisting exclusively of professional translators, proofreaders, editors, with dedication and knowledge of their field as well as a language toolkit (terminology database, translation memories, software). The results of using this system have been known to our customers for years and the constant trust they show us encourages us to continue even more dynamically in the future.


Client-Translator… a personalized collaboration

When our clients order our translation services, they know from the beginning that we practice a personalized approach. They always know the project manager who will supervise their project and they can reach this person at any time from the beginning to the delivery of the translation.


Speed and timely service

Quality has no value if it is not accompanied by immediacy in communication, by the timely delivery of translation projects and the ability to serve you on days and hours when you really need these services. We stay ahead of the competition because we can provide you with all of the above.


Competitive Pricing

In the Internet era, we have invested in technologies and instruments and primarily in training, based on the model of the electronic translation agency, which allows us to reduce costs so that you can enjoy highly competitive prices and save time and money.


Personal Data Security

The translator works with particularly sensitive personal data of either individuals or companies. Apart from our philosophy that requires us to protect them, we are obliged to fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU and assure you that no information you entrust to us will be leaked or stored for any reason.