Our company

LinguaMost is a home for professionals with extensive experience in translation and interpretation. The company meets the requirements of clients based both in the appropriate staff and in the advanced technology available.

We carry out translation projects on time and with high quality because we respect our clients and care for the reputation of our company. From the very beginning, our company is rapidly growing and developing. We gain long-term clients on regular base, which means that people trust us.

LinguaMost has a big team of experienced translators who undertake translation projects with expertise in legal, financial, travel, administrative, educational and medical fields, offering a high level of quality. All our translators translate only into their mother tongue. It is one of the key ways to ensure the quality of translation.

The main language pairs are Russian – Greek, Greek – Ukrainian, Belarusian – Greek, Greek – Albanian, Bulgarian – Greek, Greek -Romanian, and vice versa. We also translate texts in all widespread European languages ​​including English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

In addition, our office provides interpretations at conferences, business meetings and negotiations.

You can order our services in any convenient way for you, even from your home.

We will help you to save time and money!