Interpreting Cost

Interpretation services are charged on a daily basis or on an hourly basis with a minimum allowance of three hours. The cost varies from 30 to 50 euro per hour (depending on the language combination, field, etc.).

If you order interpretation for the whole day, we offer you the last eighth hour free.

If you need interpreting in different parts of the country or during your business trip, we will choose the most suitable interpreter for you, who will accompany you everywhere. In this case, the interpreter`s job is paid on a daily basis (8 hours) and overtime is charged on an hourly basis.

The client pays travel expenses, meals and hotel.


  • For interpreting with duration of 3-5 days, we offer 15% discount.
  • For interpreting lasting more than 5 days, we offer 25% discount.

To order interpreting services, please contact us via Skype or e-mail: