IT Translation – Localization

μεταφραση πληροφορικης

LinguaMost translation agency fully understands how important it is to receive reliable, high quality IT translations and software localization. We always pay great attention to detail and absolute accuracy in the translation of documents of all kinds and especially in the IT field where accuracy is a key factor.

In addition to translations in the field of IT / software localization, LinguaMost also offers integrated services in all areas of technical translation.



It certainly raises the question of how a translation agency can deal with such specialized fields


as that of information technology. Our answer is that we collaborate on a permanent basis with professional IT developers. Their well-coordinated communication with our translators brings the desired result. You can be sure that the specific terminology of this field will always be translated correctly into the target language. We use the most reliable software localization tools (sisulizer, multilizer, Transifex etc.), following a specific production process:


  • First, we take appropriate precautions to ensure that the software in the source language is properly prepared for localization.
  • Professional translators identify all texts to be translated within the software.
  • After completion of translation, the software will be rebuilt with the new localized texts.
  • This step is followed by strict control of the final product to ensure quality in language, image and functionality.


Localization and… after sales service

You do not have to worry about what will happen after the translation is delivered. We are always ready to help you, to provide you with clarifications and apply changes that you may want to make for any reason after the completion of localization.


Commitment to meet deadlines

LinguaMost fully understands the need to meet deadlines, which are often tight in the IT industry. After receiving confirmation for translation, our manager will inform the client of the guaranteed date and time for the project delivery.


Website Translation

As a translation agency with experience in IT translations, we provide you with guaranteed quality in the translation of your website, which will be performed by linguists with the appropriate experience in the relevant field.


Desktop Publishing Services (DTP)

Apart from translations, LinguaMost also provides DTP services. We cooperate with graphic ηλεκτρονικη σελιδοποιησηdesigners who, after our translation, will convert the translated texts into the required format. After translating texts from PDF, Power Point, Excel, etc. files, you can get a finished translation in the same format. We use the latest graphic design tools, equipment and programs. The main desktop publishing applications we use are: InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Acrobat,Quark Express και Pagemaker, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Adobe Frame Maker etc.


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