Currently the LinguaMost provides interpreting services for the language pairs Greek-Russian and Greek-Ukrainian to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you need simultaneous interpreting at a conference, or consecutive interpreting during a business meeting, we will always choose for you the best interpreter.

 The interpreting services can be performed in different ways; each of them is suitable for specific conditions or situations, such as court interpreting.

We offer the following ways of interpreting for the language pairs Greek-Russian and Greek-Ukrainian. Click on one of the ways of interpretation to see if it is suitable for your needs.

 Greek-Russian Consecutive Interpreting

Interpretation for small and medium-sized groups. The interpreter is close to the speaker and delivers a speech in another language consecutively.

Greek-Russian Whispered Interpreting (simultaneous)

Whispered interpretation in real time for a person or a small group of people.

 Interpreting via Skype

The interpreter delivers his speech by sentence or every two or three sentences via Skype

Liaison Interpreting

Suitable for more informal meetings between a small number of people or perhaps as accompaniment for someone who visits a foreign country and does not speak the language.


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