LinguaMost offers interpreting services in the Greek-Russian, Greek-English and Greek-Ukrainian language pairs to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need simultaneous interpreting at a conference, or consecutive interpreting during a business meeting, we will always choose the right interpreter for you.

Interpreting services can be performed in different ways, each of which is suitable for specific circumstances or situations, such as court interpreting.

We provide the following types of interpreting in the Greek-Russian, Greek-Ukrainian and Greek-English language pairs. Read more about types of interpreting to find out if they meet your needs.

διερμηνεια ελληνικα ρωσικα

Consecutive Interpreting

Interpreting for small and medium-sized groups. The interpreter sits or stands next to the speaker and takes notes while the speaker delivers his / her speech. Subsequently, the interpreter reproduces the statement in the target language. Consecutive interpreting is used for various types of business meetings, business lunches, negotiations, on-site audits by foreign authorities, exhibitions, training seminars, etc.

Liaison Interpreting

Suitable for less formal meetings between a smaller number of people or perhaps as an escort for someone who visits a foreign country and does not speak its language. Liaison interpreting is a form of consecutive interpreting that is more personal and informal. It is mainly performed for small groups or meetings (for example, a business meeting of two senior executives).

Conference Interpreting (simultaneous)

Suitable for international conferences with participants who speak different languages. Interpreting is carried out simultaneously; therefore, there is no interruption of speeches and other conference activities. Conference interpreting requires special equipment provided either by us at an additional charge or by the client (upon agreement). This type of interpreting involves 2 interpreters per each language combination, who work in shifts of 20-30 minutes.

Whispered Interpreting (chuchotage)

Simultaneous interpreting for one person or a small group of people. It is delivered in a low voice (whisper). It is a small-scale simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter is assigned to a very small group of people and delivers the speech in another language at the same time and in a whisper so as not to interrupt the conference or meeting. The demand for this type of interpretation is increasingly growing.

Remote Interpreting

The interpreter delivers the speech remotely per sentence or in two or three sentences.  Our translation agency performs such services via Skype, Zoom and other similar platforms for remote communication. Your negotiating partner may be thousands of miles away from you, as well as the interpreter. All you need is a reliable Internet connection.


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