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Translation of texts is a complicated detailed process and passes through all the necessary stages until it reaches your hands. Choose one of the categories of our specialisation and send us your request for a free quote. We guarantee you the highest possible quality and the most competitive prices in the translation market.


Translation – Editing – Proofreading

It should be noted that the process of translation – editing – proofreading (T-E-P) is the basis of the quality of any translation project, regardless of its volume. It is like baking cookies: first you make dough and then add other ingredients such as nuts or pieces of chocolate. While the process seems quite simple – the text is translated, edited and proofread – there are actually many things involved in these three stages.

After the completion of translation, the work is undertaken by the editor. Think of this stage as επιμελεια κειμενωνtaking a second look at the content to make sure the text makes sense, the quality of the text meets your expectations and it is actually easy to read. For example, you do not want to translate the names of your goods or you prefer your services to be capitalized. The editor makes sure that a text is translated correctly without major or minor mistakes or omissions at the level of meaning and all your requirements are implemented.

Subsequently, your content passes through the proofreading stage. It is probably the most important step in the whole process. At this final stage, linguists bear wide responsibility as they have the final say on how the translated content looks and sounds before it is delivered to you. These people are experts in terminology and text styles and have a thorough understanding of your needs for translation quality. If there are questions about the choice of words, phrases or terms, we turn to them for answers.

We also offer to check already translated texts in order to ensure the final quality of the text through the following stages:

  • Checking of spelling, grammar, punctuation and content
  • Ensuring consistency, uniformity of style and accuracy of expression
  • Ensuring compliance with customer standards of quality
  • Rewording the translated text