Italian Translation

LinguaMost provides a full range of Italian translation services to companies and individuals worldwide.


We assign the translation projects to the most appropriate specialized team of translators, editors and proofreaders. In this way we guarantee a constant and excellent quality of work in each field of translation.

We combine the use of translation technology with our outstanding flexibility regarding the customer needs. As a result, we offer reliable services appreciated by our regular customers.


We have particular expertise in the following fields:μεταφραση ιταλικα

Financial translation

Contract translation

IT translation – localization

Technical translation

Italian is one of the major languages in Europe. It plays an important role in European business markets and in the European Union. It is spoken by about 59 million people, which makes it one of the most widely spoken European languages. At the global level, because of the great migration, the Italian is spoken as a second language in many countries, particularly in Latin America. Although Italian is connected with the arts, in Greece the business and personal relationships are so developed that it became the second most popular language for translation agencies after English.


Translation into Italian

For Italian translations we use experienced, native Italian translators. All translators specialize in different fields and provide the best results for our clients. Apart from Greek to Italian translations, we also translate from English to Italian and from French to Italian.

Translation from Italian

We successfully perform translations from Italian into Greek, English, German and Romanian. All translations from Italian are performed by translators whose native language is a target language and with a degree in translation from Italian.


Our translation agency also undertakes translations from and into German, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Chinese and many other languages.


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