German Translation

LinguaMost provides a full range of German translation services to companies and individuals worldwide.

We have particular expertise in the following fields: 

Tourism and Hospitality field 

Technical translation

IT translation – localization

Medical translation


Translation into German

For German translations we use experienced, native German translators. All translators specialize in different fields and provide the best results for our clients.


Apart from Greek to German translations, we provide English to German, Albanian to German, French to German, Italian to German, Norwegian to German, Portuguese to German, Spanish to German and Russian to German translations.

German is spoken by approximately 105 million native speakers around the world. Nearly 80 million speakers use it as a non-native language. German is mainly spoken in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is also spoken in France (Alsace and Lorraine), Luxembourg, northern Italy (Tyrol), Liechtenstein and in some minority groups in the Czech Republic, Romania and Belgium.

Translation from German

We successfully perform translations from German into Greek, English, Chinese, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian and Ukrainian. All translations from German are performed by translators whose native speakers is a target language and with a degree in translation from German.


We also translate from and into French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and other languages.


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